Maybe Someday – Colleen Hoover

17788403After reading Slammed, I had super high expectations for this book. Throughout most of the book, I was emotionally invested in what was happening. However, the last 20 pages of the book were an extreme disappointment, but I will address that later on. Sydney is a young woman who is working hard in school, living with her best friend, and is in a serious relationship with the boy of her dreams. Night after night, Sydney finds herself outside on her balcony listening to the mysterious boy across the apartment complex playing the guitar, Ridge.  The night of her twenty second birthday, Sydney loses her best friend and her boyfriend in a matter of minutes and finds herself living with Ridge and his friends, Bridgette and Warren. Sydney finds herself quickly becoming extremely close to her three new room mates, despite how right or wrong it may be.

I am not going to lie, I really enjoyed the majority of this book. I laughed, I cried, it was a stereotypical young adult romance novel. As soon as I found out one detail about a character, I would predict what would happen, and I was usually right, but I did not mind. The relationship the four room mates was something that brought a smile to my face throughout the entire novel. All four young adults were constantly pulling pranks on each other, like filling Oreos with toothpaste or putting baby powder in eggs.

So many of the emotions expressed in this novel were so genuine, my heart would begin to feel ten pounds heavier. For example, Ridge says,

My entire body is battling itself. My left brain is telling me this is somehow wrong, my right brain is wanting to hear her sing again, my stomach is nowhere to be found, and my heart is punching itself in the face with one arm and hugging itself with the other.

I also enjoyed how this book was from two different perspectives because we got to experience Sydney’s emotions also.

I don’t know why I’m trying to hide my reaction from him, but isn’t that what people do? We try so hard to hide everything we’re really feeling from those who probably need to know our true feelings the most. People try to bottle up their emotions, as if it’s somehow wrong to have natural reactions to life.

Throughout the novel, Sydney kept reminding herself that “maybe someday” her and Ridge could be together, and in the end, the theme of “maybe someday” came full circle. Another theme throughout the novel was Ridge and Sydney always reminding themselves that Ridge had a girlfriend. The topics of blame and keeping the good vs bad in perspective were also present.


Now why didn’t I like the ending? After all of the buildup throughout the book I could not believe the book basically ended with Sydney and Ridge having sex. While some people may enjoy this ending, I believe that ending a book like this make having sex appear to be the ultimate thing to want in life, while I do not believe it is.


While I wish it would have ended differently, I did enjoy this book and I will probably read more Colleen Hoover books.

Questions About Books Tag

I have not had enough time to finish any books lately, so I decided I would do a book tag today. I found this tag on and thought it was a good one to get to know me better as a reader. Here we go!

1) What is your favorite book?

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han or Paper Towns by John Green

2) Who is your favorite author?

Rick Riordan

3) What genre do you prefer?

Basically, anything Young Adult

4) What is your favorite book series?

Percy Jackson & The Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. I also love Harry Potter (of course!) and most dystopian trilogies such as Matched by Ally Condie and Delirium by Lauren Oliver.

5) What books did you hate reading in school?

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and The Odyssey by Homer were honestly a struggle for me to get through

6) What is the first book you remember reading as a child?

The Nancy Drew Series by Carolyn Keene or The Little House on the Prairie Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder

7) Bookstores or libraries?


8) How many books do you own?

Really? I have to go count? Hold on…

119 books in my bedroom right now

9) Do you read before bed?

Sometimes. It depends on how exhausted I am

10) What is your most comfortable reading position?

Probably cuddled up in bed under blankets

11) What is the most recent book you read?

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken (it was amazing!)

12) What quote from any book will you never forget? Why is it significant?

It is so hard to leave-until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world. ~Paper Towns by John Green

I don’t know why I love this quote so much, but I do.

13) Science fiction or fantasy?

I can’t decide! I love them both!

14) What books do you regret reading?

As of now, I do not regret reading any books

15) How large is your bookshelf?

I am not exactly sure how to answer this question. I have two basic shelves that hang on my wall and then one that is kind of a zig-zag shape.

16) On average, how many books do you read per year?

Last year I read 19 books and the year before I read 17, but this year I have already read 17 books and it is only April!

17) What book can you read hundreds of times and never get tired of?

Percy Jackson!

18) Do you like to read outside?

If it is warm & sunny

19) What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from a book?

The biggest lesson I have learned from a book is that there is so much more to life and in the world than what your teenage self sees and experiences. As a teenager, views about life can be so narrow-minded, but authors who have made it through tough times have taught me that life continues, no matter how much of a mess your life seems to be.

20) Of the past year, what is the greatest book you’ve read?

Paper Towns by John Green

The Darkest Minds – Alexandra Bracken

While I was on vacation, The Darkest Minds was one of the many books I read. This one is definitely one of my favorites. Basically, when the protagonist, Ruby, wakes up on her tenth birthday, she is quite alarmed when her parents lock her in the garage and call the police. After years of adults acting strangely around children and years of her friends dying for no particular reason, other than what adults refer to as Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration, or IAAN, Ruby is ripped from everything she knows and is transported to Thurmond, which most adults believe is a rehabilitation camp. Six years later, Ruby has experienced many traumatizing events and still does not understand why some things have happened to her. After meeting a strangely friendly nurse twice, Ruby manages to escape Thurmond. Out in the real world, Ruby meets up with Zu, Liam, and Chubs, who change her life.

This book was AMAZING. After each chapter I would tell myself to go do something else, but somehow my hands just kept turning the pages. This novel was not only a great story, but also made me think a lot. One of my favorite quotes from this book was:

It doesn’t make you a bad person, you know-to want to live your own life.

Being a typical teenager who has no clue what she wants to do with her life, hearing little quotes like this gives me hope for the future. This novel also addresses trusting others and needing friends to survive in the world. Bracken shows that it may be frightening to trust others with your deepest, darkest secrets, but you need friends to help you through your tough days. Another theme of this novel was the idea of any society controlling you no matter how “free” they claim to be. When children were in camp, they had to wear certain clothes, eat when they were told, and go to bed when they were told. In East River, they had uniforms they wore, they all ate together, and everybody went to bed at the same time. Additionally, the Children’s League had strict rules for their members. Another one of my favorite quotes was:

God help me, that only made me cry harder. When a girl cries, few things are more worthless than a boy. Having two of them just meant that they stared at each other helplessly instead of at me.

Just because it is so true.


One of my favorite things about Bracken’s writing style was how should would totally make something seem true for half of a page and my heart would start to hurt and then PLOT TWIST something different was happening. For example, Liam and Chubs were discussing getting rid of Black Betty after they got caught in her. All the reader knew was Ruby was hearing a conversation about Chubs and Liam about getting rid of “her,” conveniently after Ruby had caused some trouble. Another one of my favorites was when Liam saw Ruby for the first time in a while and he was like “who are you?” and Ruby totally thought she had accidentally removed herself from his memory.


Overall, I enjoyed this book a ton and will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

Vacation Book Haul

This week I was on vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Naturally, I had to go to the local Barnes and Noble.


The three books I purchased were…

1) A Tale Dark & Grimm by Adam Gidwitz- I just posted a review on this book, but I had read it on my kindle and wanted an actual copy

2) Prodigy by Marie Lu- I recently finished Legend and I cannot wait to continue the trilogy

3) To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han- I read this book a couple of months ago and as I was roaming the shelves of B&N, something different about this copy caught my eye…


I got so excited when I saw this in the store it took all of my self control to not start screaming and jumping up and down.


So I guess you could say I had a successful book shopping trip!

A Tale Dark & Grimm – Adam Gidwitz

A Tale Dark & Grimm (A Tale Dark & Grimm, #1)I read this book because Adam Gidwitz is one of the authors attending BookCon on Saturday May 30, and I was not disappointed. As a child, I was not a big fairy tale fan, but I wanted to give this book a try. Most people know the basic story of Hansel and Gretel and breadcrumbs and blah, blah, blah, but Gidwitz takes various, well-known Grimm stories and connects them to Hansel and Gretel’s lives. The reader gets to explore the fairy tale world from the time Hansel and Gretel’s parents falling in love through Hansel and Gretel becoming adults themselves.

The action and adventure throughout this novel kept me engaged and entertained the entire time. I loved how Gidwitz inserted his own opinion and little jokes whenever he thought necessary. Twisting these fairy tales, allowed Gidwitz to address the themes of loyalty to your family, gluttony, and believing the grass is greener on the other side. Mostly, Gidwitz conveys his message that children matter. Despite how a small and worthless adults may make children seem, the children have creative and impressionable minds which can change the world for the better. I enjoyed this book very much, and will definitely be reading the second one in this trilogy, In a Glass Grimmly.

Slammed – Colleen Hoover


Well this is my first book review on here…so here goes nothing!

Slammed was the first book I read by Colleen Hoover, and I was definitely impressed. Layken is an eighteen-year-old girl whose life is turned upside down when her father dies suddenly. Six months after his death, Layken, her mother, and her younger brother, Kel, pick up their lives and move from Texas to Michigan. Within minutes of arriving at her new home, Layken meets her twenty-one-year-old neighbor, Will, and his younger brother, Caulder. Layken and Will immediately hit it off, becoming extremely close within a matter of days. However, these first few days in Michigan are the calm before the storm, and oh boy does the storm arrive quickly.

The plot of this novel was continuously progressing, which I truly enjoyed. Hoover explored the ups and downs of relationships, familial and romantic, and was extremely relatable. What I found a little unrealistic was how quickly Layken and Will seemed to fall in love. Within a matter of days they seemed to have known each other for years, although it becomes obvious quite quickly that neither of them truly know a lot about each other. Overall, I could not put this book down, and am planning on reading the next one, Point of Retreat. I will definitely be reading more of Colleen Hoover’s novels simply because of the warm and fuzzy feeling her writing style sends across.