Top Five Wednesday ~ Characters You Wish You Could Drown


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This week’s topic is the top five characters you wish you could drown. This was quite a difficult topic for me, because I struggle to dislike characters. I always find myself making up reasons that the characters are good people or have good reasons for what they did, and I guess I am pretty good at convincing myself. Well after much thought, here we go!

5) Lola Nolan (Lola and the Boy Next Door)

I am actually in the middle of listening to this audiobook, and I am enjoying it. After hearing that most people would ask, if you are enjoying the book, how can you dislike the main character so much? Lola is obsessed with her boyfriend. She is so completely engrossed in the fact that she has a boyfriend, that she constantly refers to him as “my boyfriend” and not by his name. It is not healthy to be so obsessed with a person. Like chill. On a scale of one to ten you are at twenty-six and need to tone it down to three. And also, hang out with your friends and family more because news flash- your boyfriend will probably leave you, but they won’t.

4) Thomas Bryant (Legend)

If you have not read the Legend trilogy yet, I do not want to spoil it for you. However I think anyone who has read the books knows why I would enjoy pushing our lovely friend Thomas into a pool. With bricks tied to his arms and legs. While he is sleeping.

3) Wren Avery (Fangirl)

Now my dislike for Wren will probably seem a little bizarre to a lot of you. Wren is Cather’s twin sister and while they had a great childhood together, Wren just completely ditched Cather once they got to college. Having a twin sister who is struggling with the changing world around her and just hanging out with your friends because you want them to like you is absolutely awful. I know personally that having friends leave you for no good reason is a terrible feeling, but having you twin abandon you must be even worse.

2) Reagan (Fangirl)

I happen to dislike Reagan for similar reasons to why I disliked Wren. Reagan was Cath’s first roommate in college who only stopped by in between parties and always gave Cath a difficult time. After learning how socially awkward Cath was, I feel like Reagan just pushed her to do things that were outside of her comfort zone. While I understand that it is necessary to grow as a person to feel try new things and be a little uncomfortable sometimes, I just understood how Cath felt and I know how I feel when people try to push me out of my comfort zone.

1) Caleb Prior (Divergent)

Caleb, Caleb, Caleb. Oh boy could I say a lot about you. Let’s start with you are an atrocious brother who committed unforgivable acts and you will never be able to change that. So just live with that guilt. Think about what you did every single day. And think about your sister. I hope you live in a permanent time out. Second of all, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING YOU NARROW-MINDED CHICKEN NUGGET WHO ACTS ALL SMART BUT REALLY DOES NOT THINK ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS ACTIONS.

Wow so maybe I do have a little bit of dislike towards certain characters. I actually felt myself getting angry while writing about why I would not mind drowning these characters. I think I need to go chill out a bit…


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