Top Five Wednesday #8 ~ Favorite Maps


Happy Wednesday! This weekly bookish meme was created by gingerreadslainey and you can check out the Goodreads group for more information. This week’s topics is favorite maps. I am not exactly sure if this means maps mentioned in books or maps that were actually printed in the book, so I am just going to do a combination of both!

5) Map with Agloe, New York on it

I still have not seen the movie, but Paper Towns will always be a book that is close to my heart. For those of you who do not know, map companies used to make up fake cities and print them on their maps so they would know if any other map company copied them. Agloe, New York is one of those towns. I truly believe Paper Towns and every aspect of the book is very special and has and will change many lives.

4) Map in Front of Prodigy by Marie Lu

Similar to many other dystopian, young-adult novels, Prodigy has a map in the front of the book in order to help the reader understand the geography of the setting of the story. Understanding where Day and June are from in the Republic and where they travel to in the Colonies can make a huge difference in anyone’s comprehension of the book.

Tumblr mud8220wku1r8wufco1 5003) Map of Tartarus

While this map was not in any of the books, nor do I own it, I think it is a really cool map. I believe this map was given out in certain stores as a promotional item, but I really wish it was in the books. Tartarus just does not seem like a place that would typically have a map. First of all, no cartographer in their right mind would be like “Hmmm, lets take a trip to Tartarus to create a map.” Second of all, any cartographer in their wrong mind would die in the depths of hell. But props to the guy who survived to create this map.

2)Venn Diagrams from The Fault in Our Stars

The venn diagrams from TFIOS are technically not maps, but this topic was difficult and I say close enough! I only included a picture of one of the venn diagrams, but the first one in TFIOS had two separate circles labeled virgins and 17-year-old guys with one leg. I just love John Green because he is basically the only author I know who lets the reader know that the main characters just had sex by using a freaking venn diagram.

1) Marauder’s Map

I am totally down for anything that can help create and avoid trouble at the same time. My high school is ginormous, making it extremely difficult to keep track of where anyone is at any point in the day. If I had a version of the Marauder’s Map for my school, I would be able to avoid everyone I do not like and find my friends without a bajillion text messages. Plus, I would also know where all the cute guys would be, and I would be able to avoid acting like a six-year-old whenever they are within hearing/seeing distance.




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