Top Five Wednesday #9 ~ Favorite Required Reading


Happy Wednesday! This weekly bookish meme was created by gingerreadslainey and you can check out the Goodreads group for more information.

5) The Kite Runner ~ Khaled Hosseini

This was my first book assigned in 10th grade. I remember going into this book with an awful attitude, assuming it was going to be the worst book ever and my teacher was going to bore me to sleep every first period for a couple weeks, but I actually ended up really enjoying it. I believe my teacher made me like this book more because she taught us about the history of the setting and explained everything to us, instead of just sending us out on our own to learn everything. While it was definitely not a happy book, I was fond of it.

4) Fahrenheit 451 ~ Ray Bradbury

I read this book in 9th grade and at first it confused me to end. I could not wrap my head around why there was a dalmatian machine thing and why the main character was hiding books from his wife and his boss. The entire thing was just completely over my head at first. I ended up reading the book again before I had any tests or assignments on it, and after listening to multiple lessons and reading it twice I realized how amazing this book was.

3) Farewell to Manzanar ~ Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston & James D. Houston

I am usually not a fan of non-fiction books, but I enjoyed this one. What made this book different from others was that while most non-fiction books discuss only the facts, this one was from the perspective of a young girl who actually lived in internment camps and allowed the reader to see how people during this time period were actually affected by what was happening in the world around them. I read this book the same summer I read The Book Thief and seeing WWII from a Japanese American’s point of view and from a young German girl’s point of view within a short period of time gave me a drastically different perspective of both books.

2) The Book Thief ~ Markus Zusak

Like I said, reading this book at the same time as Farewell to Manzanar gave me a completely different reading experience. I had wanted to read this book before it was assigned for summer reading, but the assignment gave me a true reason to read it. This was a book that just encapsulated me, causing me to finish it quite quickly. There is no way to describe this book other than just amazing.

1) To Kill a Mockingbird ~ Harper Lee

I read this book freshman year and it was just another book that I loved. By the end of the first week, I had already finished the book and could not wait for the rest of my class to finish it so we could all discuss it. Again, it was just an amazing book.

What did you guys think of my favorite required reading? Were you required to read any of the same books?



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